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Our story,

Meet the Boss Ladies, the dynamic duo behind our beloved pole studio. Their passion for pole dancing is only rivaled by their love and unwavering support for each other and their dedicated students. With an extensive background in pole dancing, Ciara and Mari bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their studio, fostering an environment of growth and empowerment. Their strength and courage shine through as they embarked on the challenging journey of buying and running a pole studio, creating a safe haven for all to explore the art of pole dancing, while turning dreams into reality, one spin at a time.

A little more about Mary, our Pole Momma! Mary has an extensive knowledge of pole dancing, she has been training and teaching for 10 years! With her particular love for teaching Pole Flow (you better bring your sass!) and Elite classes, she loves challenging her students with tricky combos, always pushing them to greater heights. Mary is an excellent choreographer and also runs themed chair routine workshops throughout the year! She is a truly amazing teacher, whom we all love and adore! Let's not forget, she doubles as our maintenance woman... is there anything she can't do!?

A little more about Ciara, she's been rocking the pole for a solid 6 years now, and she's been spreading the pole love as a teacher for the past 3 years. She's got this fire for conditioning and strength training, knowing that's the golden ticket to leveling up and getting even better on the pole.

What she adores most is that pole dancing is like a chameleon—it can be whatever you fancy! Whether you're into the fitness aspect, the sexy vibes, just having a blast, or if you're more of a dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, or ballet kind of person, pole dancing has got it all. And trust Ciara to show you just how magical it can be, no matter what style you choose!

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