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Endless possibilites

There's a place for everybody!

Our classes are term based and run in 6 week blocks. 

Please note that if we are part way through a term there may not be any courses visible as upcoming. To register your interest in upcoming courses please complete our contact form at the bottom of this page with your details and we'll let you know once the next timetable is released! 



$165 - $220 per term

Our Pole Level courses follow a series of progressions to help you build strength and learn to master those more challenging moves.

Beginners level courses are one hour in duration and for levels intermediate and up this increases to 1.5 hrs.

At the end of each term, once you are ready you will be assessed to move up to conquer the next set of skills - onwards and upside-downwards!  

Our six week course packs now include TWO bonus credits, so that you can attend additional classes (such as Conditioning / Flexibility / Pole Jam / Pole Cardio), depending on your level.


Who doesn't love more bang for your buck?!


From $150 Term or $30 per session

Extension courses and are a fun way to supplement your training and mix things up a bit. Class options include Flexibility, Conditioning, Pole Flow, Pole Cardio, Contemporary dance classes and Sensual Sundays! 


Pole Flexibility classes are designed to increase your range of motion and mobility to help you achieve more challenging pole tricks as you move up through the levels. This class will also help to make those flexy tricks look amazing. Suitable for any fitness level, we run through a variety of exercises for a full body stretch to compliment your pole skills.

Pole Conditioning classes are designed to increase your strength and mobility and overall pole fitness. Suitable for any fitness level, we run through a series of both on and off the pole exercises for a whole body workout to compliment your pole skills.


Pole Flow classes are designed to improve your floor work on and off the pole and increase your confidence with flowing choreography. Our routines are taught over 3 weeks, so that you have time to absorb and perfect each song! Knee pads are recommended, heels are optional. Students need to have completed at least Beginner 2 to be eligible to enrol.

Pole Cardio clases are an excellent way to sweat, spin and have fun! These classes last for 45 minutes, you will learn a high energy routine to get you moving and working out. Students need to have completed Beginners 1 to enrol. 

Contemporary Dance classes with Tiff are a great way to progress your dance style and technique. These are non-pole based classes, bring a friend along too! 

Sensual Sundays are a great way to embrace your body, shape and curves, in a sensual extended warmup. This is then followed by an active flexibility splits training session. It's a great class so come along! 

Enrol in a full term of the above classes or pick up a casual class as your timetable permits. Don't forget, you get TWO free credits in your class packs, so try these classes out! 

(Further discounts also available when booking in the same term as a level course.)


Extra delights!


From $80 p/h


Want to brush up on some extra pole skills or preparing for competition and need a little extra help?

Take a 1 hour Private Lesson or Personal Coaching session with your Instructor of choice.

Private lessons Costs:

  • $80/hr single student

  • $100/hr 2 students semi private

  • $120/hr 3 - 4 students semi private


From $210

Step into a world of exceptional celebrations at 3D Fitness Studio! We offer exciting party and corporate event possibilities to elevate any occasion.


Our party packages are flexible, catering to groups of all sizes. Feel free to discuss your preferences and let us craft a personalised pole-champagne party package that aligns perfectly with your aspirations when booking your exclusive 3D Fitness Studio celebration!


From $10


Most students don't have their own pole at home so practice times give students another chance outside their regular classes to refine their skills and prefect their technique.

Pole Jam:

  • $15 casual or $75 for a pack of 8

Unsupervised Practice:

  • $10 casual or $55 for a pack of 8

Note: this is for enrolled students only.

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