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A little taste of our studio

We've created a warm and inviting community where you can let loose, learn, and grow together. Whether you're reaching for the sky on our tall poles or owning it on the shorter ones, we're all on this journey side by side, supporting each other every step of the way.


We're big on giving back to our awesome members, offering bonus credits because we value your dedication and enthusiasm. Our timetable is carefully crafted to accommodate your busy life, so you can always find a class that suits you and your pole passion. And fellas, you're absolutely welcome here! Pole fitness knows no gender—we celebrate everyone who's ready to embrace the joy of the pole.


But above all, safety is our priority. Our studio is your safe space, where we've got safety measures and protocols in place to ensure you can focus on what matters most—having a blast and building your skills. Join our community, let's spin, climb, and trust the process together!

Meet the A-Team.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet our exceptional team of instructors—devoted, knowledgeable, and bursting with passion. With a relentless dedication to honing their craft, our instructors are experts in the art of pole fitness, bringing a wealth of expertise to guide you on your journey. Their passion for pole shines through in every class, igniting your excitement and fueling your progress.

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