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Sensual Sundays at 3D! 🖤

Sensual Sundays are back!

These classes will run every second Sunday this Term, on weeks 1, 3 and 5, starting this Sunday!

This class explores an extended and very sensual warm up that allows you to lose yourself while exploring flowy, sexy body movements.

This is then followed by an intensive stretch and active flexibility session focusing on your SPLITS!

Kelsey is a certified Yoga instructor and has spent many years training and teaching, and brings a wealth of experience to her classes.

 🖤 Sundays at 11am - 12pm

 🖤 Weeks 1, 3 and 5

🖤 Bring a water bottle and small towel

 🖤 Yoga mats are available or bring your own

 🖤 Wear comfortable clothing

 🖤 $30 per class

 🖤 Or 3 classes for $70

🖤 Or use a credit from your Flexibility pack!

 🖤 No experience required, all flexibility levels welcome

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