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Before you enrol in or participate in any class supplied at or by 3D Fitness Studio we ask that you familiarise yourself with our Liability Release, General Terms & Conditions, Missed Class, Deferral, Class Scheduling and Return/Refund policies.

There is a bit to read through but it’s important that you understand our agreed operating terms and are familiar with how we do things.

If you have any questions about any of our terms please speak to one of our friendly staff. These terms were last updated in 2023.

Liability Release:

By enrolling in any class or course at 3D Fitness Studio you accept the terms, conditions, fees and charges of 3D Fitness Studio and waive and release the directors, proprietors, management, staff, distributors, agents, manufacturers and property owners from any and all claims whatsoever arising from your purchase of goods or participation in classes supplied at or by 3D Fitness Studio.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be over the age of 18 years to participate in classes. Consideration will be given to those 15 to 17 years, with parental consent

  • When undertaking any new form of exercise, you should consult your doctor/health professional prior to commencing classes

  • Some pole moves can be more challenging and/or dangerous than others and it is a studio requirement that staff instructions are strictly followed at all times.

  • Our regular scheduled Pole Dance classes are not for spectators – please do not bring partners, children or other spectators to classes

  • Only moves taught within pole classes and workshops by 3D Staff (or Visiting Instructors) are able to be performed within the studio, do not attempt any pole moves in the Studio that are not in the curriculum or that are not directly taught to you by authorised staff

  • While we encourage students to support and spot each other through recently learnt or tricky moves students must refrain from teaching each other new moves as moves taught incorrectly or without appropriate assistance can increase risk of injury. If you need more assistance than just spotting please ask an instructor

  • You will not be permitted to participate in any classes, parties or other events at the studio whilst intoxicated or under the influence of drugs (or if suspected to be)

  • If you have any special requirements with regards to your booking please speak with management before finalising your enrolment

  • If you are unable to attend your regular class, please advise the studio as early as possible to avoid delays in the class starting and so places can be re-allocated where possible

  • Students must have passed the pre-requisite grading to be accepted into any level Pole Course above Beginners 1 (registration for Beginners 1 has no pre-requisites)

Missed Classes:

Due to the structure of our classes it is important not to miss too many sessions as it will make it hard to keep up with the rest of the class, we do revise moves taught in previous weeks but have set content to get through each week so can not use an entire class to go over content missed through non-attendance.

When making your booking you are reserving a pole in a course offered at a pre-determined time for the entire term. When absent, even if we receive prior notification, it is unlikely we can fill your place in the class. If you miss a class without prior notification we will not offer a substitute lesson and missed class credits are forfeited.

We understand emergencies and illnesses do happen and students may not always be able to attend their regular scheduled class and will allow you to attend an alternate class where possible, and if advised sufficiently in advance of your absence, however if you need to make-up missed content outside your regular classes this will be chargeable.

  • To be eligible for an alternative class to substitute for a missed session the studio must be advised via an authorised method of the absence at least 1 hour prior to the missed sessions start time. our preferred contact method is via e-mail to". Methods such as "Facebook posts" or "SMS to an instructor's private mobile" are not authorised methods and may not be accepted

  • Students may transfer class credits for a missed level, stretch, conditioning or cardio class (where prior notification has been given and accepted) into any alternate class of the same level or any lower level or into any stretch, conditioning or cardio class within the term, where a space is available, with no penalty for the first 2 changes.

  • Substitute sessions over and above the first 2 changes (per course) for missed classes will attract a $5.00 administration fee for all booking changes

  • If a student misses several classes and is unable to catch up in class and needs to make-up the missed content, a private or semi-private session may be organised at an additional cost to the student. These sessions may cover as much of the missed content as the student(s) can fit into the allocated time slot

  • As with pole classes and courses advanced notice is required where a student is unable to make a practice time to free up the space for another student. If sufficient notice is given there is no cancellation fee or administrative fee applicable for practice time changes. If sufficient notice is not provided the charges for the booking will be forfeited.

  • Students are encouraged to self-manage practice time through our online system where possible to enable faster processing and immediate availability of a place for another student when cancelled.

  • Substitute classes or unused practice time credits will not be carried over to future terms and if a suitable substitute time is not found within same term any classes missed will be forfeited


  • Where a student is unable to continue with a course due to a medical condition or other serious matter they may submit an e-mail request for deferral to Upon receiving a deferral request, Management may at their discretion allow unused course credits to be carried over to a future term if deemed reasonable under the individual circumstance

  • If a student is unable to return to classes after deferral has been approved management may at their discretion allow unused course credits to be transferred for the use of another student

  • A $10 administration fee may be applied for reinstating any deferred credits

Class scheduling:

3D Fitness Studio reserves the right to change or cancel a course up to and including the date of the course if insufficient bookings have been received. In the event of a class or course being altered or cancelled every effort will be made to avoid inconvenience by offering alternative dates or times where it is possible and feasible to do so.

Return / Refund Policy:

Our content is term based and each weeks class builds on to the next, we cannot fill places if a student drops out after the term has started, as such no credits or refunds will be offered after the booking is confirmed and the term has commenced. Any refunds agreed to before the commencement of a term will be less an admin processing fee of $10.00

Where a student pays course fees via direct debit arrangement they are committing to paying the full course fees for the term. We do not offer refunds after bookings are confirmed. This includes direct debit arrangements which will not be cancelled early if you are unable to attend the full term.

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