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Christmas Timetable is here! 🎅

Hope you're all ready for our Christmas Term, which begins this week!

Our Open classes (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite) are instructor-led training session for all levels.

The instructor will provide assistance, combos and challenges to keep your strength training up!

We also have some NEW workshops:

👯‍♂️ Doubles Tricks 👯  - partner up and have some fun on and off the pole! No need to worry if you don't have a pole partner, we can assist!

💃 Fusion Dance 💃  - Madii will take us through a type of contemporary dance that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic, with an emphasis on musicality and free movement!

🩰 Contemporary Dance 🩰 - Tiffany, our trained dancer will teach us a sexy contemporary non-pole routine!

👠 Pole Flow Tricks and Transitions 👠  - Jodie will teach us more complicated and isolated tricks to increase our pole flow skills!*

 🍑 Butt Burner 🍑 - Ciara will take us through a targeted butt burning workout!

🖤 Russian Pole Flow 🖤 - come and try Jodie's Pole Flow with a twist! Russian style Flow has a next level dynamic and is a great challenge!*

*prerequisite of Beginners 3

Book in on Xoda now!

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